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We would like to congratulate the winners of the Ladies Scramble for this year. The championship flight featured one winner and five teams tied for second. The A flight had a two way tie for first and B flight had one single winner.

Championship Flight:
Goskie, Ennen, Loney, and Worthen (64)
Shields, Smithson, Reeder, and Rinks (65)
Davis, Schrage, Hedberg, and McCune (65)
VanWyk, Downer, Higgins, and Maynard (65)
Deeder, Fleming, Ducey, and Schleeper (65)
Cordes, Burton, Feiler, and Cracks (65)

A Flight:
Vernados, Cousley, Baiter, and Gibbons (66)
Leonard, Klingman, Carter, and Hesterson (66)
Watkins, Duerer, Marti, and Hopkins (68)
Economy, Addonico, McCracken, and Bauer (69)
Jerrells, Richardson, Weber, and Carrico (69)

B Flight:
Borsis, Bryan, Kimball, and Schiezer (71)
Russell, St. Cin, Uhl, and Hahn (75)
Bauer, Phillips, Redman, and Weller (76)
Goeller, Griggs, Henkaus, and Yarborough (80)
Bourland, Weirich, Buckholtz, and Eagan (80)

The tournament was a big success! Thank you to all who participated. We hope to see you all again next year.

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