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New for the 2017 Golf Season Cloverleaf Golf Course will be offering a business league for local business to use as a means of networking and some friendly competition.

We are starting the Small Business League on Tuesday Nights.   This is a way to meet and network with others in a fun atmosphere with a chance to win a golf outing for 20 of your employees and or customers.

The rules for the League are as follows:

  • A team roster can include 2 to 16 people, but only 2 play each week.
  • At least one person on the Roster has to be and employee of the Company.
  • Two players from one business will be playing against another business.
  • As handicaps are developed, the two lowest handicap players in the pairing will play against each other, and the two higher handicap players will be competing against each other.
  • There will be two points awarded for each individual winner and one point for total score.
  • Depending on the number of teams we would have each team play against the others at least once.  We could possibly have 2 groups with the winner of each group meet for the championship or the winner of the first half of the schedule and the winner of the second half play each other for the league championship.  The winner would receive a trophy/plaque for display at your business and a golf outing for 20 people to be held on a Sunday afternoon.

The league would start after May 2nd and take place at 5:30. The league would proceed for approximately 18 weeks depending on the number of teams.

Cloverleaf golf course will keep all handicaps and prepare the team pairings each week as well as the standings.

The cost of the League is $13.00 per person.

You can call Jered Hogan or Vern Bilbrey to register your company in our league at 618-462 – 3022 or email with your registration and roster.

Also, with all of our leagues at Cloverleaf if you play on a different day other than your league day you will be entitled to half price of the regular rate.

We look forward to seeing your business as part of this opportunity to make yourself known to others in the area.

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