Hall of Fame Members


2005                                                      2006                                                    2007 

Spencer T. Olin                                  Jim Rohan                                           John Hunt

James Goodwin                                 Pat Turk                                               John Fischer

Paul Owens                                        Walter Calvey                                    L. Allen Klope

Mike Eckhard Sr.                              Bucket Scroggins                            Bob Von Hatten

Connie Perry                                                                                                Dee Ketchum

Larry Overath

  2008                                                    2009                                                  2010 

Gabriel Family                                   Steve Porter                                         Lou Miller

Charles Overath                                   Don Wendle                              Col. Charles Barnett

Roger “RJ” Johnson                         John Hand Sr.                                Margaret Barnett

Fred Stephenson                             Don “DJ” Johnson

2011                                            2012                                         2013              

Rose Bensman                                  Paul Moses                                           Dave Stites

Rick Springman                                 Mel Duich                                        Ralph Spurgeon

Mark Marccuzzo                               Fred Kitchens                                     Carl Dooley

Sylvester Davis                                  Sam McPhail                                      Matt Gallaway

Kane Family

2014                                     2015

Bill Malson

Wally Ozark

Frank Travis

Ed Voss

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