Civic Memorial “Class Wars” Golf Challenge

Several years ago a few guys from the graduating classes of 1981 and 1982 began some friendly trash talking. One thing led to another and a friendly Golf Grudge Match began. One of those original guys (Bob Stilwell) decided it would be a cool idea to have a small traveling trophy that would reside with the winner annually. Thus the birth of the “Woody” Trophy, named affectionately after the late beloved CMHS Principal Forrest Kohlburn. It has now been seven years since its inception and the trophy has changed hands a few times. The date has moved around a bit; but fittingly; it has settles on the weekend a lot of former graduates find themselves in town (and often at the beer tent) reliving old memories….. Labor Day weekend.  In fact this year we are looking at Saturday August 31st at 9 am as the date/time for our annual get together.  The venue has remained the same, Cloverleaf Golf Course.

                Over the years; as each class talked about their victories and bemoan their defeats we began to realize there was a significant interest from other graduating classes that would also like to participate. So…..Without further adieu. If you are reading this and are a Civic Memorial graduate…….you are cordially invited to enter a team and represent your graduating class in a friendly golf competition.

The Format: 

2 Person Scramble Teams

How many Teams can a class have?

Each class can have as many teams as they would like to have enter. The more the merrier.

Who can be on a team?

1 Member needs to be a graduate from the Class you are representing. The other player can be your classmate, your spouse, your child (over 17), your parent, or a significant other. We have all levels of players, Husband & wife teams, father-son, etc. Definitely low pressure affair.


$50 per 2 person team.  This get you your round of golf, entry into the team competition. And a few goodies to be announced later.

What do we win?

Bragging rights to start with……which is everything at CM. You would also get your Class Engraved on the New Trophy we are having made and kept at Cloverleaf. We will also be putting the low single Teams score on the Trophy as well. We are also developing some other things you could win that day, stay tuned we will update the Facebook Page with more details as the date approaches

How do you determine a winning Class?

We will be setting the number of teams that will be required to make for an even competition (based on entries). For example if Class 0f 2000 has (6) 2 man teams entered, Class of 1988 has (4) 2 man teams , and the Class of 1978 has (4) 2 man teams…………We would likely pick 4 or less team scores that would count toward the competition. So, basically the 4 lowest team scores of each class would be added up to determine the winner. The Class of 2000 would have 6 chances to get their 4 lowest team scores.

What if a Class only has 1 Team?

They would obviously still participate but would not be able to count enough scores to qualify for the team competition.

If I don’t play golf can I still come out and socialize with old friends?

Absolutely!!  You are encouraged to come hang out on the patio until the golfers make it in and the winner(s) are announced.

What about the Woody Trophy?

There will always be the Woody Trophy that will be a personal challenge between the Classes of 81 and 82. That will exist within the new event.

We hope you can join us that day. If you think you’d like to play…please register on the Cloverleaf golf Course Facebook Events Page or if you have more questions just email us at 

Also we are putting together a goodie bag for each team. If you have a business and would like to donate something please contact us. We’d also like to advertise for area business that CM graduates own/run/or work at. Please email that information as well and we’ll give you a free plug!!

……….and please pass the word, share the link.